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Daman Attractions

Tourist Attractions in Daman

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The major tourist attractions in Daman are the St. Jerome Fort, Old Fort, Church of Our Lady of the Sea, Jain Temple, Fort, Church of our Lady of the Rosary, Devka beach and Jampore Beach.

St. Jerome Fort
The St. Jerome Fort offers views of the colourful fishing fleet. This fort on the northern banks encloses a church and cemetery with still a few cannons on the walls. The nearby bridge often tumbles in monsoon season. The fort has a magnificent gateway facing the river to impress incoming traffic. The Church of Our Lady of the Sea inside the walls is worth visiting place inside the fort.

Old Fort
The Old Fort contains the ruins of a monastery, Governor's Palace, barracks, hospital and two churches. The eastern side has a moat and drawbridge.

St. Jerome Fort, Daman

Jain Temple
The Jain Temple is located to the north of the church. This temple has 18th century murals depicting the life of Mahavira, who lived around 500 BC.


The Fort is situated in the Moti Daman area and dates back to 1559. The walls, divided by 10 bastions, encircle the 30 square km of land. Inside are sleepy, leafy streets reminiscent of the Portuguese era and there are relaxing views across the river to Nani Daman form the ramparts near he lighthouse. Moti Daman once housed the Portuguese gentry and near the fort gate is the sometime home of the 18th century Portuguese poet Bocage.

Church of Bom Jesus
The Church of Bom Jesus was built in 1603 and is a piece of Iberia in India, with elaborate

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, across the overgrown square has ancient Portuguese tombstones set into its cool, damp floor. Light filters through the dusty windows, illuminating the altar, a masterpiece of furiously detailed, gold-painted woodcarving.

Devka Beach
The grubby, rocky shores of the Devka Beach is

Daman Church

located about 3 kms. north of the Nani Daman. But the ambience of the place is quiet and easy. The bars and hotels dot the quiet beachside road.

Jampore Beach

The palm-shaded Jampore Beach is located about 23 kms. south of Moti Daman. This beach is better, but not good for swimming.





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