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Tourist Attractions in Lakhpat

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The main tourist attractions in Lakhpat are the tomb of Gosh Muhammad and a Sikh Gurudwara.

Tomb of Gosh Muhammad
The Gosh Muhammad was a famous saint revered equally by Hindus and Muslims. A beautiful tomb was constructed using black stone, after his death in 1855 AD. It is an octagonal, domed structure with four entrances. The corner plasters, foliated arches on each side, door jambs and niches are exquisitely carved using floral motifs and the tree of life. The inner walls are decorated with verses from the Koran using beautiful calligraphy.

The Sikh Gurudwara is one of the sacred places associated with the life of Guru Nanak Sahib, the

Tomb of Gosh Muhammad, Lakhpat

founder of the Sikh religion, as it is believed that he embarked for Haj to Mecca from Lakhpat. The Gurudwara was constructed to commemorate this event and it is visited by Sikhs throughout the year.

Excursions from Lakhpat

(about 52 kms from Lakhpat)
Koteshwar is situated about 52 kms from Lakhpat. Koteshwar is a famous place of pilgrimage located at the farthest tip of Western India at Kori Creek. The Chinese traveler Hieu-en-Tsang described the town as a flourishing port, 5 miles in circumference, at the mouth of the Sindhu river. It had 80 monasteries and 5000 monks, out of which nothing survives today. The present day Koteshwar is a fortified town with high wall and gates. The inscriptions shows that the present fortification and temple were renovated in 1820 AD by rich merchants - Jetha Sivji and Sheth Sundarji. The Koteshwar Temple complex is dedicated to Shiva. The white painted high wall at the seashore, the high Shikhara with saffron flags and series of domes make a perfect location for a Shiva Temple. Within the temple there are images of Hanuman, Ganesha, Revati, Parvati and Swayambhu Shiva Linga.

Narayan Sarovar (about 49 kms from Lakhpat)
Narayan Sarovar is situated about 49 kms from Lakhpat. Narayan Sarovar is one of the five holy lakes of India. It is located about 2 kms. away from Koteshwar on Kori Creek. This lake is mentioned in the chronicles of Alexander, the Great. In 1550 AD, the temple priest constructed the embankments and ghats on all three sides of the lake except on east. He also constructed separate compartments for bathing, using carved stone jails. The wife of Rao Desalji, Vagheli Mahakunwarba constructed the Laxmi Narayan Temple and Trikamrai Temple in 1734 AD to put up the Narayan Sarovar at par with Dwaraka. She donate several villages for the upkeep of the temples. The other temples at Narayan

Narayan Sarovar, Lakhpat
Sarovar are Adi Narayan, Govardhannath, Dwarkanath and Lakshmiji.




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