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Porbandar Attractions

Porbandar Attractions

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Tourist Attractions in Porbandar

Darbargadh, Sartanji Choro, Kirti Mandir and Huzoor Palace are the various tourist attractions in Porbandar.

Darbargadh, the fortified palace was built by the Rana Sartanji. This palace has a huge carved stone entrance gate flanked by high turrets and massive wooden doors. It is a typical example of such royal enclosures situated within the town of Gujarat. The nearby edifices on the left of the entrance are also good examples of large mansions with courtyards and intricately carved wooden elements.

Kirti Mandir

Kirti Mandir was the house of the Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba, his wife. This place is situated near the place where the Mahatma Gandhi was born. This place is now a small museum and also has a Gandhian library and a prayer hall.

Sartanji Choro

Rana Sartanji built Sartanji Choro, the three storey summer pavilion. This palace was built in the Rajput style as a retreat in the middle of the garden. Each side of the garden represent a

Kirti Mandir, Porbandar

different reason. The pillars with images of musicians, profusely carved foliated arches and a single dome at the top gives an idea of bygone days, when Rana Sartanji used to compose poems in Braj language, sitting under this pavilion.

Huzoor Palace
Huzoor Palace is located at the end of Marine Drive, in a huge campus. This sprawling palace is built in the European style with sloping roofs, several wings and big windows, overlooking the sea. The wings are interspersed with the back and front yards which bring nature and the building together by gardens and fountains. The semi-circular porticos with neo-classical pillars, decorated entrance gate and the commanding view makes this palace, a worth visiting place.

Bharat Mandir Hall
Bharat Mandir Hall is situated in a pleasant irrigated garden. This hall has a large relief map of India on the floor and bas reliefs of heroes from Hindu legends on the pillars.

Excursion from Porbandar

Bileshwar is located about 15 kms. east of Porbandar in Gujarat. The Siva Temple dates from the early 7th century and is one of the finest examples of early Hindu temples architecture in Gujarat. The enclosure is later but the temple itself has a multi storey tower which is more like a pyramid than a spire. The exterior is decorated with arch like motifs but much of the detail has been obscured by a plastic coating.


In the picturesque wooded valley at Ghumli, a few kms. further inland there are ruins dating back to the Solanki period. The Vikia Vav is one of the largest

Sudama Temple, Porbandar

step wells in Gujarat. The pavilions were constructed over the steps with one at the entrance. All were richly carved. The well also served a religious purpose as a water sanctuary.


Gop is situated about 50 kms. north east of Porbandar and midway on the Porbandar-Jamnagar road. The 6th century temple dates from the Maitraka period (6th - 8th centuries) and is a rare example of an early Hindu temple. The sanctuary is on a raised platform and has a pyramidal roof with an amalaka topping off. The whole is in a dilapidated state.





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