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Tourist Attractions in Rajkot

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The main tourist attractions in Rajkot are the Mahatma Gandhi House or Karba Gandhi No Delo, Watson museum, Aji Dam, Jagat Mandir, Rajkumar College, Lang Library, Lal Pari Lake and Randerda.

Karba Gandhi No Delo / Mahatma Gandhi House
The Karba Gandhi No Delo is the house of the Mahatma Gandhi where he lived from the age of six. The Mahatma Gandhi House has a good collection of things related to the Mahatma Gandhi's life. The Mahatma's Passion for the handloom is preserved in the form of a small weaving school.

Watson Museum
The Watson Museum and Library commemorates the work of Colonel John Watson, political agent from 1886 to 1889. It is a jumbled attic of the collection with the 3rd century inscriptions and a delicate ivory work overseen by a marble statue of Queen Victoria. The Watson Museum has collection of precious

Karba Gandhi No Delo, Rajkot

objects of colonial period, human history and culture, and History of Rajkot.

Lal Pari Lake and Randerda
Lal Pari Lake and Randerda is a picturesque picnic spot, situated about 5 kms. from Rajkot.

Aji Dam

Aji Dam is situated about 8 kms. from Rajkot and supplies the town's water.

Rashtriya Shala

Rashtriya Shala was founded by Mahatma Gandhi which has a center of patola weaving.

Jagat Mandir
Jagat Mandir is beautiful carved temple of Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa. It is made of red stones.

Rajkumar College

The world famous Rajkumar College is located in the city. This college dates back to the 19th century and is regarded as one of the India's best private colleges. It was set up by the British for the education of the princes of the Indian state.

Lang Library

The Lang Library has a collection of thousands of documents and books covering every period in Rajkot and Saurashtra (region) history.

Rajkot Temple, Rajkot
Excursions from Rajkot

Wankaner is situated about 25 kms. from Rajkot. The Raja of Wankaner came to a political arrangement with the East India Company in 1807. It was then left largely to its own devices through the 19th century. Maharaja Amar Singhji introduced wide ranging reforms. He was also responsible for building the Ranjit Nilas Palace, visible from miles across the plains. It is built in a variety of European and Indian styles. Today it is run by Maharaja Rajasaheb Pratapsinghi as a guesthouse.

Morvi is situated about 29 kms. from Rajkot. Morvi dominated access to the Peninsula. Making use of the trade route, Morvi developed into a modern state under the leadership of the Thakur Sahib Waghaji. There are two places of interest in Morvi. The older is the Durbargadh Waghaji Palace, with a Venetian Gothic exterior and Rajput, Gothic and Indo-Saracenic features inside. It is approached by a suspension bridge. The New Palace contains some late Art Deco features, like the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur and similarly includes some subterranean rooms.

Morvi, Rajkot




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