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Velavadar National Park

Information about Velavadar National Park
Velavadar National Park is one of the best national park in India to view the blackbuck. Velavadar National Park, also known as the Blackbuck National Park, was established in the year 1976 in the Bhal region of Saurashtra at Velavadar. This national park is situated about 72 kms from the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. This national park covers an area of 36 square km and comprises of grasslands and scrubby plains. This park was primarily a "vidi" (grassland) of the Maharaja of the princely state of Bhavnagar. It is surrounded by wastelands and agriculture fields in the northern side. The National park has been

Velavadar National Park
classified as 4B Gujarat-Rajwada biotic province of semi-arid bio-geographical zone.
Wildlife attractions in the Velavadar National Park

The Velavadar National park is known for the successful conservation of the blackbuck, wolf and the lesser Florican. Earlier, the blackbucks and the Lesser Floricans were found only in the open plains throughout the country, but now they are found only in the Velavadar National Park. The blackbuck is the most graceful and beautiful Indian animal. Besides these animals, the Velavadar National Park also provides a suitable habitat to the endangered Indian wolf, Jackal, Indian fox, Jungle cat, Blue bull antelope, Wild pigs, Hares and Rodents. This park also attracts various migratory birds like the sandgrouse and larks during the winter. Velavadar National Park is also an excellent place to see a large number of harriers roosts and other birds.

Velavadar National Park Gujarat

Best time to visit the Velavadar National Park
Although the Velavadar National Park is open throughout the year, but the period between October to mid-June is considered to be the best time to visit the park. Evening is the best time to view these animals at the Velavadar national park.

How to reach Velavadar National Park
By Air:

The nearest airport is located at Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad. Bhavnagar is located at a distance of 72 km.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station are located at Ahmedabad and Dhola, which is about 52 km away.

By Road:

The Velavadar National Park is easily connected with various cities in Gujarat.

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